Entry #4


2017-04-26 05:06:53 by MikuYuuka

Just saying hi!

How's everyone? :'D


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2017-04-26 05:47:43

Great actually, just a little bit dry on ideas for art and games.
What about you?

MikuYuuka responds:

I'm good too!
It's the opposite here though... I got too many unfinished ideas and no time at all :')
College started again one week ago.


2017-04-26 06:22:59

lol, i wish if i could be like you honestly, because at least you HAVE ideas and can execute them later, i don't have any ideas and i certainly can't execute them later because they don't exist, lol.
You go to college btw, if i may ask, what subject do you study there? art?

MikuYuuka responds:

I really want to study art! But... do not yet. I started college half a year ago and was very interested in the japanese language.
But it hit me pretty fast that I don't want to do any of the jobs possible with that subject :')
And now I'm searching for an art school... but it's not easy to find one that fits and isn't thaaaat expensive maybe...? Do you know any good art schools by any chance?
And to the idea problem: I don't really know what could help you... but maybe look up some videos about trhat topic? There are many people talking about how they get over it -w-


2017-04-26 06:55:10

Japanese huh? i actually speak a bit of japanese, don't get me wrong, i don't want to go to work in Japan or translate books or documents or anything, i was just interested in it because it seemed so complex and awesome, as for the art schools, sorry, i have no clue, considering the fact that i also have no clue in which country you live :P
Here's a little something that might help though ;
And i kind of search for some help and some stuff about it, turns out all i have to do is basically do something random and just get some stuff done no matter what they are, but yeah... i'd rather not work randomly in a way that could lead me from being fully confident about my work to being fully shocked by the way i'm failing at work because i tried to make something that i have no idea on how to make.

MikuYuuka responds:

Thank you so much!
I took a look at that list! It's very helpful! I looked at some of those schools before too. It's very great to see them all in comparsion now! And eh! I'm considering studying abroad too so the country doesn't matter thaaaat much...? I dunno yet <w>
And oh yea... many people say that with that 'Just do random stuff'... but I never do that either... I just can't meaningless random stuff... hach... I hope you get back your ideas as soon as possible!