2017-04-26 05:06:53 by MikuYuuka

Just saying hi!

How's everyone? :'D

Scouting system...?

2017-04-03 07:34:26 by MikuYuuka

HEY! :'D

So eeehm...
How does that scouting system work? I'm still kind of lost :')

Sooo I have to have 4 entries and then someone can scout me... and then my work get's displayed in public folders...? Halp XD

Thanks for every answer!

Getting started

2017-03-21 11:35:23 by MikuYuuka

Phew! Okay!
F i n a l l y!

I think I kinda figured out how to Newgrounds so I'll start to put art and animations on here!
Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by~

So hi!

I just signed in because I thought that Newgrounds would be a good place for my arts and maybe games later...? :'D

But I just heard a lot about Newgrounds but I've actually never been here so...

Yea! I'm Miku aka Mimi and I do arts! I'm on Deviantart a lot too, but I don't really get feedback there so <w>